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_ CATALONIA ON THE ROCKS. Homage to the Catalan climbing

Date: 11/11
Time: 21:30
Place: Cirvianum Theatre 
Presented by: Ferran Latorre and Marta Bosch (TV3)

Since the late 20s, when the Estasen, Boix, Costa, Balaguer o Caselles began to climb to the walls of Pedraforca or Montserrat until today, the Catalan climbers have achieved the great challenges that were proposed to them for the worldwide walls. Not only to discover them and repeat the most emblematic vias, but also to open up new routes, many of them of great difficulty. Parallely, when competition entered into scene they were also shown at the highest level.

The proposed opening show of this year wants to be a tribute to many Catalan climbers who have carried out difficulty climbing, being in the great peaks or in the artificial walls.

A show with the best pictures and the live testimony of the main protagonists of the Catalan climbing worldwide. With: Armand Ballart, Joan Cerda, Pep Masip, David Palmada Silvia Vidal and up to 14 climbers.

Day: 11 / 17
Time: 21:00 h (in the night session)
Place: Cirvianum Theatre 

Born in Ostrzeszow (Poland), in 1950. One of the benchmarks of the strongest Polish climbers who marked the Himalaysm of the end of the last century.

Wielicki became the fifth man to reach the summit of the fourteen eight thousands, but he did it true to the ethics of the greats of history and with an exceptional determination and courage. He did his first Everest ascents in winter (1980), Kangchenjunga (1986) and Lhotse (1985), this, moreover, alone. In 1984 he reached the Broad Peak in a day and the Manaslu by a new route. The Makalu (1986) and Gasherbrum I and II (1995) he climbed them in alpine style. Dhaulagiri (1990) alone and in less than 16 hours, while the Shisha Pangma climbed it alone, in a new route and in less than 24 hours in 1993. The last eight thousand was the Nanga Parbat in 1996, alone. The next winter he plans to lead an expedition to climb the K2, the last eight of thousands which has not been climbed in the cold season. Without a doubt, one of the best Himalayans of the history.