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Torelló is a town in the Osona county, placed in the north of the Plana de Vic. The town is part of the Ges Valley, together with Sant Vicenç de Torelló and Sant Pere de Torelló, just at the confluence of the river Ges and the river Ter ( it is where the town of Torelló expands its boundaries).

It has a population of more than 13.000 inhabitants. The economical sector, where the majority of its population works, is the industrial sector, followed by the services one and the agricultural and cattle-raising ones.


The combination of an important natural, cultural and historic architectural heritage makes Torelló an important tourist centre. The town combines culture, landscape and tradition.

The cultural activity of Torelló is notorious. A part from the International Festival of Mountain and Adventure Films, the town organizes other cultural events of a wide importance : A festival of young tendencies called “Festus”, the famous “Carnival” ( Carnaval de Terra Endins) or a singular Car Boot Sales (Mercat del Trasto), are the best examples.

Torelló is a dynamic town, with an important industrial sector and varied commercial and service activity.

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