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Since 1992 the Festival has paid homage to a person or group of people, who have contributed to the progress of mountaineering. Coinciding with the prize-giving ceremony of each edition, the Festival awards the Edelweiss of Honour to acknowledge  this contribution.

In addition to the screening, where the case permits ,of a film dedicated to the honoured guest, the Festival offers a parallel act called the coffee-talk, where the audience can have an informal chat with the person in question.

Among the guests who have been honoured since 1992 are the following:


1992 – Edmund Hillary

1993 – Riccardo Cassin

1994 – Lino Lacedelli

1995 – Mª Antònia Simó i Lothar Brandler

1996 – Leo Dickinson

1997 – Kurt Diemberger

1998 – Walter Bonatti

1999 – Cesare Maestri

2000 – Chris Bonington

2001 – Equip d’Al Filo de lo Imposible

2003 – Maurice Herzog

2004 – Catherine Destivelle

2005 – Els Xerpes (Jamling Tenzing Norgay)

2006 – Josep Manuel Anglada 

2008 - Norman G. Dyhrenfurth

2009 – Jean Afanassieff

2010 - Peter Habeler

2014 - Jim Bridwell

2016 - Krzsztof  Wielicki

Our Guests

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In latter editions, the Festival has become a stage for many important personalities from the mountain world.  Every year the Festival has honoured, in a special way, a person or a group of people related to alpinism. Apart from them, the Festival has invited alpinists such us Marc Batard, the first man to climb Mount Everest in less than twenty-four hours; Pierre Tardivel, one of the best extreme skiers; some very special climbers such as Alain Robert or the century’s best free-ride skier : Dominique Perret.

We have been visited by the best known Basque alpinists : Alberto Iñurrategi, Juanjo Sansebastián and Mari Abrego or one of the women who has climbed the greatest number of eight thousand metre peaks: Edurne Pasaban.  The great alpinisits Erhard Loretan and Juanito Oiarzabal have given lectures after conquering the fourteen eight thousand metre peaks on Earth.

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A large  amount of Catalan and Spanish alpinists  who have achieved new challenges have also come to the Festival. They are : Jordi Pons, J. Antoni Pujante, Nil Bohigas, Òscar Cadiach, Carles Vallès, Araceli Segarra, Ramon Portilla, Ferran Latorre and Simon Elias.  Other climbers such as Joan Jové , Joan Cabau or the Pou brothers; Iker and Eneko or climbers who have opened new routes on prestigious walls around the world such as Miguel Ángel García Gallego and Adolfo Medinabeitia.

After the 2002 edition, we can add the presence of the first woman to reach Mont Everest: Junko Tabei , also the first person to  ascend  Kangchenjunga, George Band and the admired Tomaz Humar, Jim Bridwell and Royal Robbins.

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At the 2007 edition, the Festival welcomed more recent stars of alpinism.  Alpinists and climbers who are at the very pinnacle of their sport.  We refer to: Marko Prezelj, Mick Fowler , Silvo Karo, Dave McLeod or the best woman climber in the world, the Basque Josune Bereziartu.  Alpinists who have recently succeeded in overcoming great challenges such  as Krzystof Wielicki or Christophe Profit.

The Torelló Festival has had the privilege to welcome many of the great historical figures of the last 60 years of mountaineering.

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