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Competitiva 1

At each edition of the festival an average of 100 films from all over the world participate in the competitive section. A preselection process is used to determine which of these films will compete for prizes during the ten-day period of the festival. The preselected films are screened in public and opt for the various awards on offer.

During the early years of the Festival, most of the productions were of a 35mm. or 16mm. cinema format and were mainly private productions. From around the mid-nineties onwards video became the most popular format.  At present independent producers and large international television networks, such as RAI, ZDF, TVE, TVNZ, BBC RTL FRANCE 3, etc,  make up the vast majority of the participants in the competitive section.


Seccio competitiva 2

The films in competition are shown during the first eight days of the festival, in combination with projections of other cinema sections.

The films in competition contest for the different festival awards: the most important of these being  the Grand Prize Vila de Torelló, which awards a 3.000 Euro prize to the best film at the festival. Other significant prizes are the ones given to the best mountain film, to the best film about ecology, to the best film about mountain sports and to the best photography, among others. The festival awards more than 9.000 euros in prizes.

Seccio competitiva 3

The selection of the awarded films is realized by a jury whose members differ from year to year and  who are involved in  the mountain and cinema world. The jury is comprised of  mountaineers, mountain sports specialists, specialized journalists, mountain professionals as well as professionals from the audiovisual world.


Charles Chaplin

In addition to the films in the competitive section, the Festival organizes other parallel sections, some of which are already well established events such as the Cirvianum Cinema Section or the Filmo IAMF. Other activities are programmed in a more sporadic manner like the retrospective or informative sections.

The films in the Cirvianum Cinema section are always related in some way to mountain culture but are very often commercial productions intended for the general public and generally include an animated feature intended for a younger audience. there are films always related to the mountain, but often from a commercial point of view, and also a cartoon film for the little ones. A series dedicated to Luis Trenker has been screened in this section as well as great classics like The Gold Rush, Derzu Uzala and The treasure of Sierra Madre.

Altres Seccions

The Filmo IAMF section presents a compilation of the most representative films by the film-maker or producer who has been awarded the annual prize given by The International Association of Mountain Film Festivals, the IAMF. The best films by Gerhard Baur, Fulvio Mariani or the French producer, Jean Pierre Bailly, have been screened in this section.